Homeless Shelter for Transgendered Youth in Queens

February 6, 2008

This is old news reported back in May 2007 in New York Times about a homeless shelter for the transgendered youth in Queens. But I think it is an interesting read. It is probably the only homeless shelter in New York that is exclusively meant for transgendered youth.Following is an excerpt from the Times’ story:

“The shelter is called Carmen’s Place and was named after Carmen Solis, a missionary who started a youth outreach program at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Astoria, where Father Braxton was the pastor. After the church closed in February for financial reasons, Father Braxton, 50, rented a nearby two-bedroom apartment above a clothing store on a section of Steinway Street lined with hookah shops and ethnic food stores.”

The shelter funded through donations is run by Father Braxton who along with a few volunteers cook meals for the residents, tries to keep them away from prostitution and advises them to go to school and get a job, the report said. It quoted Father Braxton as saying that throwing them out for peddling their bodies would make things worse.

“So as they leave the shelter dressed in skimpy outfits, he reminds them that the shelter door is locked from 2 a.m. until sunrise and leaves them with his standard parting wish: “I hope you get arrested.”